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We have been in the ISP/internet industry since 1995, and providing computer equipment and infrastructure since 1980. Over the decades, we developed a lot of skills, found a lot of areas of interests we specialised in, and also a lot of things we did not like. We only offer what we actually enjoy offering. Yes, we are fascinated by the culture and history of the CEE region, yes, many of us are amazed and in love with Watterson’s comics, and the more people(s!) we bring together, the merrier - cultural exchange is a benefit for everyone involved. To listen to each other and to understand each other is a major step on the road to a more peaceful world. We rarely provide anything run of the mill. We are not one of those out of the box portals where you can click 3 times and have your server up and running - we provide individual service, we want to offer a tailor made solution which suits you in a perfect manner. We simply believe that it is worth walking the extra mile with us in order to get things going: just to have a smooth trip thereafter. Over 1,800 registered customers prove the viability of this approach. Castlegem is owned by 2, and our team includes over 50 developers, consultants, and sysadmins & support staff. Castlegem is fully self financed and sustainable. Castlegem is a proud sponsor of CentOS and LXCenter (Kloxo, HyperVM), and proactively supports over 70 projects and efforts in the environmental protection and sustainable development field - around 3% of operating profit are earmarked for these subsidiary activities.

An overview of our recent activities can be found here, with press releases for download.

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