Where are your servers located?

We have points of presence in London, Manchester, Prague, Vienna, and Hannover, as well as in New York City, Fremont, California, and Chicago, Illinois. All points of presence offer 24/7 NOC presence and support and are equipped with state of the art technology in terms of security, access control, fire protection, redundant power and diesel generators, and floor space. It is usually not an issue where servers are located since connection speeds between the UK/Continental Europe and overseas are very good. It is typically a matter of taste and preference nowadays where you want to host your services - if you have a lot of UK/European customers, use one of our local data centres, if you plan to go really global or have a lot of overseas customers, especially from the US, use our datacentres in the States. For commodity, stock, and forex traders we suggest using Chicago, New York, or Ashburn for US trading, and London for EU trading.

Below is a list of Data Centres we house our equipment in:

London: Telehouse (Tier III) and LDEX (Tier III/IV)

Manchester: Synergy House / Telecity (Tier III/IV)

Prague: Data Camp (Tier IV)

Vienna: RZB (Tier III/IV)

Hannover: Hostway (TIer III/IV)

New York City: Telehouse Chelsea (Tier III/IV)

Chicago: 350 E Cermak (Tier III/IV)

Fremont: Hurricane FMT2 (Tier III/IV)

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