How soon will my server be ready?

Your VPS will typically be deployed within 12 business hours of ordering (if you order very late into the London afternoon/evening, our Sales department might only be able to process your order the next business day). Your dedicated server will be ready within 24 hours (business days - if you require weekend setups, please let us know in advance) of ordering if all components are in stock, and have passed their component and assembly test within the last 14 days. Otherwise, we will either have to order your components brandnew and/or rerun all component and burn in tests again. Servers in stock that have not gone through a burn in test the past 14 days will be subject to a 48 hours test before being deployed. Please enquire and arrange your personal ETA with us. We do not deploy hardware without full tests. All server hardware has full lifetime warranty, and our servers' designated lifetime is 3 years or less before being replaced by the next model. This ensures that you will always have access to the latest and state of the art server technology, giving you an unparallelled and unmatched performance advantage.

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