What is a virtual server?

A virtual server can be described as an encapsulated system of a machine pretending to be a machine on its own. However, compared to a “real” server, it has nearly the same capabilities and functionality as an individual system with a lot less hardware overhead. You may run entire operating systems, database, web, ftp and other internet related servers and services on such virtual machines without these applications ever being aware that they are running inside a separate shell. Virtual machines running on one and the same hardware do not usually have access to each others’ resources - only if explicitly so desired. Therefore, it is safe to make efficient use of server hardware and run several virtual servers on a single machine, and you will have all the benefits of having root acces to your very own server - even if it is “only” a virtual one. We will always ensure that the entire system has plenty of spare resources to not run into performance issues - we only sell around 80% of a server’s capacity, keeping the other 20% as a reserve. We offer openVZ, XEN HVM, and KVM as virtualisation technologies.

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